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Online Booking

Alternatively, call us at 780-831-0123 for booking or email us at

Online booking steps:

Have you ever booked with us online before?

If no: ​Choose I've never logged in before

  • If you are a brand new client to the clinic and have never been here then choose 'I've never logged in before'. After clicking that button you will be brought to a page where you can choose to 'Sign-Up' -use that option. 

  • Existing clients who have been to the clinic but have not set up an online booking account must choose this option​​

  • You will be brought to this page where you will be prompted to enter your phone number, email, and birthdate. Please enter your HOME  number if you have it registered it with us, if you don't have a home number then use whatever number you do have with us, but if you have multiple you must try your home number first. 

  • If you do not have an email in your profile with us at the clinic you will have to call us to input it so that we can set up online booking with you and you can retrieve your profile. 

  • Once you have it set up once it will be set up for good. 

If you have book online with us then choose 'I've logged in before':

  • Forgot your password?: Give us a call to reset it

  • For any other queries call us 

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