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POETS and Functional Capacity Evaluations


Post Offer of Employment Testing is a valuable tool to add to any hiring service and employer. If your employees are at a high risk of injuring themselves on the job this is a must for your hiring package.

First, you determine what job requirements a position has and we can design a functional test for that particular position. Once you have found ideal candidates for your position it is important that they can physically complete the job. That is what this service does.

We evaluate employees biomechanics and particular body movements to determine if the employee can do the job in a safe manor. By making sure that they can do the work safely we can help you to minimize work place injuries and lessen lost productivity, pain and suffering in general. Which is good for your employee and your company.

We have provided services for oilfield companies, transportation and delivery companies and look forward to working with any and all industries.

You can often receive a discount on insurance premiums if you invest in this service as well as less claims.

Making employment safe and a perfect fit for the employee and employer. The benefits are far and beyond the cost.

If you are unsure if we can make a test appropriate for your company please contact us and talk to one of our highly trained and educated therapists.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) provides a comprehensive, objective assessment of the individuals’ safe physical abilities and determines their safe maximal level of function.

This service can include objective evaluation of lifting, twisting, pushing, pulling, fine dexterity, carrying, walking tolerance, sitting tolerance and much more.  All testing is monitored closely for safety by our experienced clinicians.

We use reliable, sensitive and specific questionnaire outcome measures to provide more depth to our analysis.

We offer individualized testing as well as standardized testing ranging from 1 hour to several days depending on your specific needs.    Most testing is done with a computerized system that can provide specific and measurable detail.

At the conclusion of the FCE Access Physiotherapy provides clients with a clear, concise and professional report outlining these abilities.

We have experience completing evaluations for individuals, workplaces, and insurance companies.

All of our testing is completed by well trained and experienced professionals. We have an experienced Kinesiologist on our team who works closely with a Physiotherapist.  Both have had specialty training with our functional equipment provider. They both also work as clinicians so they have extensive experience in outlining treatment plans if that is a service you require.

This service is commonly used to provide objective evidence of how much an individual is capable of functioning in their job or in every day life.  This is a more reliable and accurate assessment than an expert opinion with no objective assessment.

For a quote for this service please contact Access Physiotherapy. Our costs are based on length of testing, how much information we are given prior to testing and functional demands analysis compared to capacity evaluations.

Our clinicians are experts in this field and show great care towards our clients with respect to their individual concerns.

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