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Pelvic Health

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is a first line treatment for pelvic dysfunction. It helps restore balance to weak or tight pelvic floor muscles as well as increase coordination. We treat many symptoms including urine leakage when laughing/coughing/sneezing, pelvic girdle pain, pain during intercourse, etc.

Therapeutic Exercise

Our team is trained to help you restore normal function through therapeutic exercise, taking into consideration any limitations and customizing an exercise plan to meet your needs at your own pace.  

Vestibular & Concussion Management

We assess and treat vestibular problems including vertigo, dizziness, headaches, nausea and other symptoms.  Concussion management focuses on relieving symptoms such as headaches, difficulty focusing, muscle tension, and others. 

We accept clients with Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims. We are also an approved clinic for AHS funded visits for those who have had an orthopedic surgery or fracture within the last 12 weeks, and those who are low-income and qualify for aid from the Rehab Advice Line.

Additional Services:

Dynamic Cupping
IMS/Dry Needling
One-On-One Exercise Therapy

Our Purpose...

Physiotherapy & Kinesiology  in Grande Prairie, AB

Our staff work to create a respectful, helpful work environment that optimizes learning. As a team, our staff promote an excellent, evidence based, integrated, coordinated, client centered service – aimed at improving the quality of life for the client.

We work to empower each person to take what they have learned during treatments and apply it to improve wellness in their daily lives.

We encourage you to browse our site and learn about the wide range of services we offer.

54% of Canadians feel they are less mobile than 10 years ago,  what about you?  Our goal is to help all Canadians become more mobile with less aches and pains while increasing their function. We teach you to apply what you learn to improve wellness in your every day lives.

For those employers looking to assist their business by testing your employees to prevent injury on the job or to  return to the job after injury or simply to improve fitness we can help you reach these goals and others.

Owner and Physiotherapist

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